HAP Webinar: Using the DEEP as a Qualitative Tool for Descriptive Analysis

The Webinar further explores how to set up a project, invite collaborators, tagging and setting up custom tags, using and developing your own analytical frameworks and reporting. Presenter: Ewan Oglethorpe, Co-founder and Lead Developer for the Lead

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  1. Intro
  2. Setting up a project
  3. Inviting collaborators
  4. Adding and removing your own cross sector tags
  5. Adding and editing your own analytical framework
  6. Using the analytical framework to tag a lead
  7. Using Cross sector to tag lead
  8. Exporting a report
  9. Q&A

Albeit some technical difficulties at the beginning, here is the recording of the webinar. What did we miss in the recording? The run through of the power point presentation, which has also been uploaded. My deepest apologies for the mishap!

If you'd like to give the DEEP a shot, below some quick instructions: 

Let us know if you have any questions! 

The HAP Team

Maria Luisa Olavarria

Coordinator, ACAPS

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