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Judith Burchett

H2H Coordinator, H2H
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Public health specialist , IMMAP

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Leisa Weld

Core Team Member, Standby Task Force

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Stuart Costello

Core Team, Standby Task Force

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Ben Allen

Deputy Programme Director, Technical Rapid Response Team

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Joel Myhre

Senior Disaster Management Specialist , Pacific Disaster Center

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Steve Willliams

Humanitarian Adviser, Localisation, DFID

iMMAP is an international not-for-profit organization that provides information management services to humanitarian and development organizations, enabling partners to make informed decisions that ultimately provide high-quality targeted assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. We support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. Our pioneering approach facilitates informed and effective emergency preparedness, humanitarian response, and development aid activities by enabling evidence-based decision-making for UN agencies, humanitarian cluster/sector leads, NGOs, and government operations. iMMAP has been at the forefront of information management support for humanitarian clusters (UN and International NGOs): Logistics, WASH, Health, Protection, Education, Nutrition, Camp Management, Protection, Food Security, and Gender-Based Violence.
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Diana Estevez

Technical consultant, World Health Organization

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Jonas Herzog

GIS Coordinator, iMMAP

Insecurity Insight is a team of experts who apply an innovative method for generating data on the impact of insecurity on people's lives and wellbeing.
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Joel Thorpe

Team Lead - Yemen Analysis Hub, ACAPS

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Jo de Serrano

Consultant, JdS Consulting

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Mr. Arnaud Moussavou

accountancy , BGFI

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Reda Sadki

Founder, The Geneva Learning Foundation

Reda Sadki is a chief executive with lifelong experience in forging multi-disciplinary teams to invent and execute new ways to lead change. He is the founder and president of the Geneva Learning Foundation, a Swiss non-profit research-and-development organization and think tank. In the past, Reda has worked for the United Nations, primarily for the World Health Organization, and at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the world’s largest humanitarian network, responsible first for the design and production of IFRC’s publications and then for its learning systems.
The GISF Secretariat works in collaboration with its members to improve security risk management for the humanitarian sector with original research, networking events and regular workshops to facilitate information sharing and learning between members and the wider humanitarian community.
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Teresa Zakaria

Health Emergency Officer, World Health Organization

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Torunn Blokkum

Senior Regional Adviser, Norwegian Refugee Council

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Michael Wilkins

Needs Assessment Specialist , Global Education Cluster/SCI

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Nic Parham

Senior Analyst, ACAPS