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We wish you happy holidays and a new year 2020 of achievement and productivity!

Started 6 months ago

Thank you very much for all your support to our UPDDHE / GL organization for this year 2019 so that peace and respect for rights be a reality for all!
In 2019, thanks to your support, we managed to bring our contribution to a significant number of the Congolese community in the peaceful conflict resolution, peaceful coexistence and to make the Congolese youth real peacemakers by Active Non-Violence within their local community, empower those who serve the vulnerable and to enable inclusive and lasting behavior change. And mobilize civil society organizations to endorse the charter for change and to fight against abuse and exploitation in the province of North Kivu with the strategy of putting always the beneficiary populations at the center of our activities.
All our achievements would not have been possible without your contributions and your enthusiasm so thank you all for keeping the spirit of wanting to continue working with us. Likewise, nothing all this would not have been possible without the support of our partners and so we want to thank this year especially Seach. For Common Ground-SFCG, Pax Christi International-PCI, Peace Direct-PD, Dan Church Aid-DCA, Global Charter Network for Change-C4C, SPHERE and INEE. We also want to thank everyone who has shared with us their experience and to have generously offered their time and their advice.
Thank you for your partnership throughout this year 2019. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2020 so to help those who are most vulnerable.
We also have the honor to inform you that our organization Union for the Promotion, Defense of Human Rights and Environment, UPDDHE / GL in acronym has changed address since 26 December 2019.
Currently we are located at No 013D, Avenue Walikale, Quartier Volcano, Municipality of Goma, in Goma, North Kivu in the Republic
Democratic of the Congo (Behind at Mode-Jambo Safari next to the Division of Finance-ex coopéc Imara.

We have the desire to express to you our wish to see H2H support us so that together we can save the Congolese populations in vulnerable situations in 2020.