Do you make any of your content available programmatically via an API?

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SPHERE on Jun 04, 2019 • 1 answer
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Here at Sphere we recently created a webservice which allows anyone (with an API key) to search and extract content from the Sphere and MERS handbooks (in four languages). There are already some interesting use cases to explore, but things could get much more interesting by combining datasets from two or more H2H organisations. Please get in touch to discuss or to request a free API key! Tristan


Hello! We want to do the same for our website with communications materials on it: So looking for best practices and to make sure we are paralleling other similar categorization names, etc. Would like to get access to your API to maybe pull from and learn from. Not sure what the best channel to contact you. Will try the info@ email I see here.

WordPress has the REST API, so in a way we already have this functions.

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Kalman Gacs on Apr 29, 2020
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