For project development in humanitarian settings, how do organisations most accurately and systematically calculate ''beneficiaries'' without being able to access people on the ground/rely on data?

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Integrity Action on Jun 21, 2018 • 1 answer
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Integrity Action is trying best to understand the different methods of counting ''beneficiaries'' (direct, indirect/primary, secondary) in order to ensure that the impact we present is as true as possible and does not hide limitations in our projects. Any insight would be appreciated, as well as difficulties experienced.


Dear IntegrityAction team,
CartONG is organizing on October 29-31st the GeOnG conference in Chambéry (France, 1h from Geneva), the forum for humanitarian data. One of the topics we will cover is a panel on "Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence on satellite imagery for mapping", in which the mapping of population is one of the main expected deliverables. We therefore encourage you to attend the conference if you can make it, or to follow up for its proceedings.
Best regards.
Martin for the CartONG team

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CartONG on Aug 27, 2018
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