Does any H2H organisation provide organisational management, financial and operational training for local organisations?

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Ben Allen on Dec 19, 2019 • 2 answer
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When working with local organisations to develop nutrition technical support we have often found that these organisations also need basic training to strengthen their organisation; including operational, HR, financial, administrative, programme management, human rights and humanitarian principles. Where should we refer these organisations?


Hi Ben
The Sphere trainer database is one possible place to refer organisations to, notably for in-person training on human rights and humanitarian principles (and humanitarian standards). Many of these trainers are available for hire, and their contact details are provided. There are almost 100 trainers listed, so if there is not one in the same country as the training requirement, then there is probably someone in a neighboring country.
The Sphere trainer database is here:
The Sphere Training Package can be downloaded for free from our website in four languages, though we recommend engaging a listed Sphere trainer who will use it to design a workshop which is adapted to the training needs of the participants.
The Sphere Training Package is here:
Tristan, Sphere

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SPHERE on Dec 20, 2019
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Many thanks Tristan. This is very helpful. I will pass this on. I have also been referred to the Building Better Responses initiative which will meet some of these needs such as humanitarian architecture, laws and rights etc.

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Ben Allen on Dec 20, 2019
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