Community Radio Response to the COVID - 19 @ Forbes magazine

Community Radio Response to the COVID - 19 @ Forbes magazine

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We have the pleasure to share you regarding Community Radio Response to the COVID - 19 Pandemic in Bangladesh  has published by 
Forbes magazine by Christine Ro. We are sending herewith the link for your happy reading.  

Go to the profile of AHM Bazlur Rahman

AHM Bazlur Rahman

Chief Executive Officer , Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Comm

AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR has spent 30+years of his career playing as a leading role as the social catalyst for promoting community media, communicating on the public sphere, communicating knowledge, civil rights in communication & cultural rights in communication, ICT for development, knowledge society, internet governance, amateur radio, right to information and policy advocacy. media development, theological communication, knowledge management for development (KM4D) and business for development. He has the unique quality of experience and contribution in an inclusive manner in multi-stakeholders of politics, development partners, the private sector, NGO & civil society, public sector, policy makers, academia and media. He is known as transformational expert, visionary, and change agent. He founded Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) since 2000. BNNRC is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) accredited with World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) of the United Nations and UN WSIS prize winner 2016 and Champion 2017.

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