For implementing appropriate security risk management measures in eastern DRC to enable response actors to effectively address security challenges.

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At least 424 attacks on health care occurred in the DRC between January and November 2019. Numbers of reported incidents increased following the Ebola outbreak in August 2018. While the majority of attacks on health care in 2019 have occurred in the context of the Ebola response and in Ebola affected areas, many occur in the context of the on-going violence and insecurity that affect civilian populations in the DRC. These attacks affect both the Ebola response as well as the wider provision of vital health services in the area.  

These documents provide practical recommendations for implementing appropriate security risk management measures in eastern DRC to enable response actors, including healthcare workers, to effectively address identified security challenges. They are based on information collected from open sources and through key informant interviews, and data reported directly to Insecurity Insight by response actors. 

The evidence collected suggests that security risk management measures implemented in eastern DRC should adopt an approach that focuses on adherence to core humanitarian principles in order to gain the acceptance of local communities and actors, i.e. an acceptance approach.

The recommendations focus on a strategy to gain the acceptance of community members and armed groups, as well as practical recommendations on ways to prevent and respond to the abduction of response actors, incidents of sexual violence, and arson attacks on healthcare facilities. They cover:

1. Introduction to delivering aid and emergency healthcare in insecure settings

2. Introduction to Security Risk Management

3. Security challenge: Non-State Armed Groups

4. Security challenge: Community Resistance and Mistrust

5. Security challenge: Arson Attacks on Healthcare Facilities

6. Security challenge: Abduction of Health Workers

7. Security challenge: Sexual Violence and Abuse

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