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Dear Colleagues,

The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH) had conducted a research project to map organisations involved in humanitarian activities. The research resulted in the creation of the Humanitarian Organisation Database (HOD), which was launched in October 2019. (Please refer to its statement here).

The aim of the research project is three-fold: to contribute to a better understanding of the humanitarian ‘ecosystem’ at its various levels, help interested parties navigate a complex sector, and facilitate building partnerships for better programme results.
The HOD was built exclusively based on existing online resources. You can find the research method there

You may or may not find your organization among the 2,505 organisations identified through the research and has been included in the HOD.

If your organization is in the HOD, to ensure the information is as accurate as possible we would appreciate it if you could check your respective information and:
- Verify if the information provided is correct, if not, please share the amendment needed,
- Share useful documents, namely activity reports, annual reports, flagship reports, evaluation reports, case studies.
- Share your current (and future) projects, and
- Use the HOD for it to be your reference tool to reach out and create partnerships.

If you are happy to be part of this research initiative please also share the HOD with your network organisations.

(If you would prefer not to be part of this research initiative you can also send an email to us directly requesting removal [email protected].)

If your organization is not yet in the HOD, and you wish to be part, please submit a request to join on line.

Quarterly newsletters

The HOD is a research project within the Humanitarian Encyclopedia. It will continue evolving. With your registration for receiving its newsletters, the Humanitarian Encyclopedia team will keep you in the loop on its evolution and you will receive summary, e.g. on newly joined organisations, updates on the entries of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia, at quarterly basis.
We look forward to hearing from you.
With best wishes to you and the humanitarian endeavors of your organisation.

The team of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia

E-mail: [email protected]
URL: https://humanitarianencycloped...
The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action

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