Social Behaviour Change Support and Vacancy with Tech RRT

The Tech RRT is looking for an expert in Social Behaviour Change to join our team and we are also reaching out to any government, NGO or other nutrition partner, looking to improve nutrition outcomes through behaviour change approaches.

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The Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) is an emergency response mechanism formed in 2015, which aims to improve the quality and scale of nutrition humanitarian responses. The Tech RRT leads initiatives to improve nutrition outcomes (in both the prevention and treatment of undernutrition) for emergency and protracted crisis affected populations.

We are looking for a Social Behaviour Change Advisor to join our team.

Those interested can find more information and apply here.

We are also looking for any government, local or international NGOs, or other nutrition partner, looking to improve nutrition outcomes through behaviour change approaches.

The Tech RRT has a pool of four technical experts, deployable on very short notice to support the nutrition community in planning, leading and responding to nutrition emergencies or in protracted crises situations. The pool includes technical experts in community-based management of acute malnutrition (hosted by IMC), infant and young child feeding in emergencies (hosted by Save the Children, nutrition surveys and assessments (hosted by Action Against Hunger Canada) and Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) hosted by Action Against Hunger USA. IMC also hosts the Tech RRT coordination team including a Program Director and Deputy Program Director.

Our advisors, including SBC Advisor, are deployable free of charge and available to any actor seeking to improve nutrition outcomes in emergency, protracted crises or preparedness settings.

Community centred behaviour change approaches based on participatory formative research are increasing in demand across the humanitarian and development sectors, as they are proven to create more sustainable changes behaviours that favour good health and nutrition outcomes.

Any questions then get in touch with us at the Tech RRT.

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Ben Allen

Deputy Programme Director, Technical Rapid Response Team

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