Security Information Alert: Mozambique Cyclone Response

Latest safety, security and access incidents affecting relief efforts.

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After nearly a month of quiet, at least four separate villages were attacked in northern Cabo Delgado Province between Friday 3 and Sunday 5 May. Source

Attacks and Violence
3 May: Nicáte/Nacata village, 15 km from Macombia town was attacked by militants who targeted voter registration materials. The attack occurred the day after a humanitarian food distribution and days after the President visited the area. Some sources suggests that militants ‘responded’ to visit by President. Source. According to one source six people were killed, and several houses burned. Other sources reported no causalities. Source

4 May: Ntapuala and Banga Velha villages attacked. A male teacher riding a motorcycle was killed and three people were burned. Source

5 May: Villagers from Licangano, Nguiga, and Ntapula pursued a group of seven militants and killed four of them in operations that left two of the villagers injured. Source

5 May: Attacks in Minhanha village. Three people killed, 100 houses burned. Source. The attacks disrupted voter registration processes. Five of the 38 polling stations in Melco district are affected. Source

5 May: Near the village of Napala, a solider shot a 25 year old in both legs related to accusations over use of a motorcycle that belonged to the military. The young man is reported to have been part of a group of 14 people who helped local people to transport goods. Source

Two girls aged 16 and 17 were reportedly abducted at a river near the villages of Milamba and Miticata. Source

Background analysis

  • The insurgents and their motives are not known but state and secular institutions may be the main target. Read full analysis here.
  • Aid is not believed to be the motive for the attacks because nothing was stolen. WFP
  • The context of the cyclone may decrease or intensify the conflict depending on whether the Mozambique military will be seen as a credible ally to the population in the disaster struck area or feared for human rights abuses or misappropriation of aid. Read full analysis here

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