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On the call this week we discussed possible names for the platform design team. Please add your thoughts in the comments. I'd like to have the team drawn up by the 12th October, ideally.

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The platform design team will be made up of representatives from the H2H network, donors, service users and some with a global vision. We agreed we need to keep the group manageable (around 15 max) and we are choosing people based on their ability to contribute useful thinking.  We are not trying represent everyone here - this can happen during the build phase when we will seek feedback more generally e.g. from other potential donors, service users etc.

We did however want to avoid having a group made solely up of global level reps.  We want some regional operators as well.

Names that are confirmed are underlined, suggested names are not. We are already at 14 people, before we even get into suggestions, but we are definitely missing representation from service users.  Perhaps we don't need to count the H2H team, in which case we have 10 and could look at 5 more?

1. H2H 

  • Lisa Reilly (EISF)
  • Isabelle Perry (CaLP)
  • Rebecca Petras (Translators without Borders)
  • Julia Steets (GPPi)
  • Reda Sadki (Geneva Learning Centre)
  • Nick van Praag (Ground Truth Solutions)
  • Lars Peter Nissen (ACAPS)

2. Donors

  • DFID (Fergus Thomas - although they asked to have all four of their team in the group, I think I will ask if we can keep it a bit leaner)
  • SDC (Philippe Besson, who we informally asked and I will email next week about it)

3. Service users

  • DRC (Peter Klanso - he has been involved in our discussions with DFID already and this is a good way to get their engagement as service users rather than the host agency - he gets the importance of separating these two roles)
  • Start network rep - we discussed asking Sean to nominate someone as he will likely not have time
  • Jesper Lund (OCHA)
  • Regional OCHA person
  • Nuno Nunes (IOM)
  • Rep from the Near network

4. H2H project team

  • H2H coordinator
  • H2H Programme Advisor
  • H2H Finance and admin officer
  • 6 month set up support position

5. Global overview

  • Christina Bennett (ODI)
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