A practical guidance to conduct a profiling exercise: the JIPS Essential Toolkit (JET)

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Profiling of displacement situations is a collaborative process that seeks to produce an agreed-upon sound evidence-base on internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as on host and other populations (such as refugees or asylum seekers depending on the specific context). The overall aim is to develop more effective programs to assist these populations, to advocate on their behalf, and to develop national-level policies to help bring about durable solutions to the displacement situation.

In order to share practical information and guidance on how to conduct a profiling exercise, JIPS created the JIPS Essential Toolkit (JET), a tool aimed to support good practices in profiling exercises by providing a set of generic tools and methodology guides for the whole process, to be adapted to each specific context.

Originally launched in March 2013, the JET is constantly reviewed, updated and enriched to reflect JIPS’ experience in providing technical support to the development of profiling methodologies. It was completely renovated in 2017, following a relevance and usability assessment.

The JET reflects a collaborative approach to data collection, typically using qualitative and quantitative methodologies; it provides practitioners with useful and easily accessible tools, guidance and examples for conducting a profiling exercise from start to finish.  

More specifically, users are guided throughout six crucial steps:

  • Initiating the profiling exercise;
  • Establishing the collaborative process;
  • Designing the methodology;
  • Implementing data collection;
  • Processing and analysing the data; 
  • Validation, reporting and dissemination.

In line with its objective of sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices worldwide, JIPS invites everyone to have a go with the JET and share their feedback.

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Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS)

Communications & Advocacy Officer, JIPS - Joint IDP Profiling Service

The Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS) is an inter-agency service, which was set up in 2009 to support government, humanitarian and development actors design and implement collaborative profiling exercises. Working primarily in situations of internal displacement, the Service seeks to promote a culture of evidence-based decision making in displacement situations. Provided both on-site and remotely, JIPS tailors its support to the needs on the ground and enhances in country profiling capacity-building to generate locally owned, impactful and agreed-upon data.

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