Should we continue developing our app for humanitarians?

ACAPS CrisisAlert app

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ACAPS launched the CrisisAlert app over a year ago with high hopes and great promotion. The main added-values this app brings in comparison with the ACAPS website are:

- a customised notifications’ system: you get alerted directly on your phone whenever there is an update for the countries you are following;

- and an offline option: even if you are in the plane for your next mission you can read all the content.

The first weeks after the release we recorded about 2,500 installs. Since then, few additional people have installed it and it’s hard for us to track how many people actively use it.

We are struggling to understand the reason of this apparent failure: is it due to a lack of promotion? Didn’t we target the right audience? Isn’t there any appetite for this kind of product?

Although we got some good feedback, we now need to decide whether or not we want to continue developing this (expensive and time-consuming) tool.

What do you think? Is this app useful for your work? Should we continue developing and promoting it?

If yes, what would you like to see improved?

If not, is there any other platform where you would like to see our analysis?


Thank you!

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Ana Escaso

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