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The H2H network provides products and services to other humanitarian organisations. There are at least 70 H2H initiatives in Europe and North America alone. We pursue different goals and come in different shapes and sizes, but we are united by a powerful common purpose – to enable the humanitarian sector to efficiently and effectively assist and protect people affected by disasters.

We create an enabling environment for humanitarian response by working with lessons, tools, systems and standards that help the wider system to adopt proven methodologies. Many of us are small in size, but by working together as a network we can achieve great things. 

About this website

This site is both an internal hub for H2H members and a collaborative platform for those involved with humanitarian response to engage with the network.  It’s a place to find out about what H2H has to offer, but more than that,  it is a space for to collaborate in designing what those services and solutions should be. 

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Judith Burchett

H2H Coordinator, H2H

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