Indonesia Earthquake Response Oct 2018

A security and safety information for aid organisations responding to the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami. It provides unique insight into the safety, security and access concerns based on shared information about events encountered thanks to the information shared by our partner agencies. The report aims to: Help understand the operational threat context Support duty of care obligations Increase safe access to people in need Encourage information flow by sharing incidents with trusted colleagues and to the Aid in Danger project. This report offers: Information based on evidence shared by our 26 partner aid agencies in the Aid in Danger project between January 2015 and August 2018 Links to useful resources, including an office opening guide and issues surrounding the relationship between NGO's and local partners Tips on how to report safety, security and access incidents. How to help information flow: Let us know if your agency is or will respond in Indonesia so that we can keep you informed of updates. Sign up here to our Indonesia Response mailing list. If your organisation is responding please share the report with your staff in Indonesia, including local partner organisation you maybe working with. Share with us your security incidents reported in Indonesia that we can include them in any updates on the security context. Encourage your local partner organisation to also report any incidents to us.

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