Rohingya Response | January 2018

The Rohingya crisis began on 25 August 2017 after violence erupted across Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Since then more than half a million people have fled across the border to Bangladesh, joining more than 200,000 others who had come in previous cross-border influxes. Humanitarian agencies aim to assist 1.2 million people at a total cost of US$434 million. This report provides information for aid agencies responding to the crisis to help them understand the operational threat context. It aims to prepare agencies for challenges they may face during the delivery of aid and support them in their work. It includes a breakdown of the type of security incidents reported in open sources and by partner agencies operating in Bangladesh and Myanmar. It shows the long-term threat patterns documented for the two countries and provides updates on the most recently reported security incident affecting the delivery of aid. This edition provides details on reported vehicle-related incidents involving aid workers, along with information on driving conditions and recommendations for aid workers working in both countries.

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